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Our Purpose

The core values that underpin MannaCare come from the desire to provide a range of services with care and compassion to support older people in our area

Because we’re not-for-profit and community managed, MannaCare is a little different.

  • We’re not motivated by profit seeking and individual financial gain: we’re primarily focused on serving people who live in, or are associated with, the Manningham municipality in a financially sustainable way.
  • We don’t rule out anyone who is eligible for our services: even those for whom funding is a genuine issue, can still access our services.
  • We look towards solutions: we’re about people, and valuing their lives.

To assist older people in the Manningham community to sustain and reinforce their independence, social relationships, personal wellbeing and community interaction.

We have eight values backing up that mission and defining how we operate:

  • Professionalism throughout the organisation
  • Respect and compassion for the individual
  • Willingness to operate in an open and consultative way
  • Integrity and adherence to high ethical standards
  • Commitment to excellence and continuous improvement
  • Openness to innovation
  • Social justice within the local community
  • Sustainability into the future

From some paddocks where horses roamed in 1979, today MannaCare helps to support well over 1000 of Manningham’s older people to live comfortable, meaningful lives. It’s an achievement of which we’re extremely proud. And it’s all not-for-profit, because it’s all about people.

MannaCare owes its beginnings to dedicated, community-minded people — very much the same situation today.

A Council report in 1979, called ‘Strategy for the Aged, part 1, Accommodation’, recognised the growing need to expand support services for older people in Doncaster and Templestowe. This was particularly the case for accommodation.

So in 1981, Council began the long process of establishing a nursing home.

A group of committed, far-seeing people selflessly fundraised and formed a board of management. Some were well-known community members, others not; but all worked tirelessly to make affordable, comfortable aged care a reality in Manningham.

Everyone volunteered their time and skills; that’s the same situation now.

In fact, volunteerism across all our services, both residential and community care, allows us to provide that little bit extra for residents and their families. Pretty special, isn’t it? Find out more.

Land at 371 Manningham Road was leased from the State Government at a nominal annual rent. With a commitment from Council, on top of the community members’ efforts, Manningham Centre Association Inc. (as MannaCare was formerly known) came to life. Then, in 1982, the Federal Government said it would make a contribution, and approved nursing home accommodation for 30 residents.

In March 1985, those 30 residents moved into their new home at what was then known as the Doncaster and Templestowe Nursing Home.

We were called Manningham Centre Association, to reflect the amalgamation of Doncaster and Templestowe local governments into Manningham.

From 30 residents, we now support over 1000 people, which includes clients of our community care programmes and from that one original residential service, we now offer a comprehensive suite comprising both residential and community services.

MannaCare has developed into a dynamic resource, distributing support services costing nearly $2 million every month to mostly Manningham’s frail, older people, their family and friends. It’s quite an achievement!

Those who rely on us, appreciate it.

MannaCare is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Victoria).

Membership of the Association is open to people who are a:

  • resident of the City of Manningham, or
  • volunteer currently serving in the Association, or
  • person who has lived a substantial amount of their life in, or who has family residing in, the City of Manningham, or
  • person approved by the Board.

By becoming a member you can:

  • nominate Board Members (Directors) to govern MannaCare;
  • be nominated for serving as a Director;
  • be kept abreast of MannaCare activities and aged care developments generally;
  • vote at the Annual General Meeting and thus influence decisions to promote positive outcomes for older people;
  • affiliate yourself with a not-for-profit that serves the older population of Manningham area.
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