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Doncaster Rehabilitation Services

MannaCare provides extensive rehabilitation assistance through Doncaster Rehabilitation Services and through GymActive for ongoing strength and cardio exercise

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Doncaster Rehabilitation Services –
Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Allied Health & Therapy Service: 

Doncaster Rehabilitation Services (DRS) provides allied health and therapy services that assist older people to regain or maintain physical, functional and cognitive abilities, thereby facilitating them to remain living in the community.

Services include podiatry, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, allied health and therapy services.

MannaCare provides individual and group sessions in our well-equipped facility, located in Cassia House. Services are offered on a short-term basis and are delivered under the guidance of Allied Health Professionals.

A fee applies for all services.

DRS clients must be referred by a hospital, their doctor or other health professional. A DRS therapist does a comprehensive assessment and devises a goal-focused treatment plan, which is reviewed regularly. Ask your doctor to refer you using the referral form.

Doncaster Rehabilitation Service is governed by the Commonwealth Home Support Programme Guidelines.


These services are available to any resident in the City of Manningham, and surrounding areas, who is:

• 65 years or older,
• 50 years or older and identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person, or
• 50 years or older and on a low income, homeless or at risk of homelessness.

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