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Our brochures and publications provide important information about MannaCare, and our community fostering a connection between our residents, clients, families and staff.

The 2022/23 Annual Report can be viewed online by clicking:


Keep up to date with what we are doing and the services we provide. We have several publications to keep MannaCare residents and their families, staff and the wider community up to date with our services, news and events.

MannaCare has a range of services we provide to our residents, clients and their families supporting the wider community in Manningham. For more information, please contact us.

MannaCare News is our quarterly publication delivered in March, June, September and December. This newsletter provides an overview of the activities and events of residents, clients, volunteers and staff.


Our Annual Report communicates to our stakeholders and the public MannaCare’s financial year Residential and Community operations.

Grevillea House Planned Activity Group was invited to participate in a pilot project on evaluating the effectiveness of the Montessori Method.  An outcome of the pilot project was the video above.  

Please feel free to share this resource on the Montessori Methods with friends and family of people living with dementia.  For more information, see Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria’s resources.