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Home Care Packages

MannaCare administers a range of Home Care Packages providing choice and flexibility for older people to assist them to remain in their homes longer

MannaCare offers all types of Home Care Packages:

  • Level 1 supports people with basic level care needs
  • Level 2 supports people with low level care needs
  • Level 3 supports people with intermediate care needs
  • Level 4 supports people with high care needs

Package care assists people to remain living at home for as long as possible and enables them to have choice and flexibility in the way that the package is managed.

The types of services a package can offer includes transport, personal support, home care (support services), nutritional services, continence management, social activities,  clinical care and more.

Under the Consumer Directed Care (CDC) model of service, once a consumer’s goals and level of involvement in the management of the package have been identified, the provider/Care Advisor will work in partnership with them to determine what care and services are needed to support their goals, and meet their care needs.


Centrelink will apply an income test to all consumers who have income greater than the basic Aged Pension, and will determine if an Income Tested Fee is required to access a Home Care Package.  As of July 2018, Home Care Packages Schedule of Fees.



To receive a package, a person needs to be assessed and approved as eligible for home care by an Aged Care Assessment Team.  Our care advisors are able to assist you with this application process.

Several organisations manage Home Care Packages in the Manningham municipality but MannaCare is proud to be the only one to offer an integrated range of local services.

MannaCare also has a direct service arm, MCA FlexiCare, which provides personalised in-home support services to consumers.

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Home Care Packages are governed by the Home Care Common Standards.